"As an executive team of decision makers, prepare to be challenged when you work with Extraordinary Conversations – and with challenge comes reward. The O'Neills led us through a thoughtful examination of our assumptions, group dynamics and patterns that awoke in our team a new spirit of authentic collaboration and productive conversation. "Change begins with me" has become lived reality rather than a slogan. Through our work with Extraordinary Conversations, we are growing to see ourselves as empowered decision makers. Extraordinary, indeed."
— Karen Murton, Principal, Branksome Hall

A Vision For Positive Change
There are three powers that every leader must command for the well-being of their organization – the power to envision a preferred future, the power to articulate that future into being, and the power to lead others on an exciting journey to positive change.

We are committed to helping our clients lead positive change by mastering these three competencies. Extraordinary Conversations has over 20 years of knowledge, skills and expert leadership to help you-and your organization generate breakthrough results in all three areas. We can help you create the future that you want.
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Patrick O’Neill

Patrick O’Neill is a provocateur of the future. He is a sworn enemy of the status quo and a fierce ally in helping you succeed in envisioning, articulating, and leading your organization toward your preferred future.

He's been around. Thirty years of experience in helping people and organizations grow, change, and overthrow the belief systems that limit possibility.

He wears many hats on behalf of his clients-consultant, teacher, mediator and mentor. And he does that with an unwavering commitment to helping you succeed.

Patrick has a new book called the Visionmaker: Making The Journey From Possibility To Outcome, which is coming soon. He writes a popular quarterly newsletter called Breakthrough, on a wide variety of leadership topics. And his blog, called Visions, is devoted to helping you connect with the journey of meaning that you were born to make.

Intense? Well, maybe a little. We hose Patrick down regularly to prevent spontaneous combustion.