“Extraordinary Conversations has been a catalyst for positive change in each and every one of the individuals and teams I have observed through the process. The learning impact is inescapable. Patrick O’Neill is an engaging and intuitive program leader. The ideas are first taught, then experienced and finally, the experience itself is reviewed. The pace and flow of the program allows for a deep, long-term understanding of the leadership skills being learned. EC is an outstanding team building program. Teams that struggle to work together due to conflict or lack of trust inevitably find the ability to voice their concerns in responsible ways, and to begin the dialogue that leads to constructive action.” — Cathy Pitt, Former Director of Human Resources, BMG Music Canada Inc.

Extraordinary Conversations for Breakthrough Results

This workshop is ideal for high performing senior managers interested in developing relationship skills to enhance their leadership. Learn to strengthen and motivate your teams through fostering trust, communication and creativity. Successful organizations use innovation, collaboration and initiative to create a competitive advantage. But within many organizations, conflict, fear, complacency, and politics undermine these processes.

Extraordinary Conversations for Breakthrough Results is a powerful 3-day program that provides individuals and teams with the practical skills required to build relationships where collaboration, teamwork and mutual respect thrive. The program is practical and principle-based – a proven methodology to produce tangible results.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify when you are in “reactivity” and increase your effectiveness by becoming proactive
  • Inspire, motivate and engage employees
  • Understand why effectively managing relationships is critical to leadership success
  • Listen authentically and effectively
  • Create a work environment where innovation and creativity flourish

Most importantly, you will identify what workplace breakthrough you want to create. As you learn new tools and processes, we'll apply them to your breakthrough goal until you're on your way to making your dream a reality. Ignite your organization's greatest strategic resource – its people – by equipping them with the practical skills to solve productivity, communication, and diversity issues while leading creative initiatives that revitalize your organization.

Held in Toronto, enrolment is limited to guarantee an impactful, intimate experience. Through pre-course work submitted by each participant, each program is custom designed to address the specific needs of the group. Please contact Lynne O'Neill for any questions regarding content or rates. Due to demand, we recommend registering at least six weeks before the posted date listed in the Schedule of Events.