Leading Canadian Brewery

When pressure from new international competition pushed it out of its traditional top spot, this company knew a new business model was needed. A full-scale reorganization was undertaken involving plants, distribution and personnel.

Leadership needed to educate and enroll employees, customers and government while taking the company in a dramatic new direction.


Extraordinary Conversations developed a complete communications program for internal and external audiences. We packaged and launched the new vision, which involved clearly defining current business conditions, the future direction of the company and each employee's role in reaching the vision. We also ensured government, customers and other industry stakeholders were updated on progress and remained supportive of the change initiative.

Ongoing communications vehicles included:

  • Face to face meetings in all regions of the country
  • Executive speeches and speaker support materials
  • Collateral materials that brought the new mission to life visually
  • Internal communications to reinforce messages and provide updates
  • Focus groups and other employee feedback vehicles


Despite ongoing change and challenge, employee audits and feedback vehicles indicated morale and trust levels rose to 8/10 from 5/10 in a one year period. Employees reported that communications built confidence in the leadership and support

for the company's ongoing change strategies. Change communications were also credited with helping the company to meet its employee retention goals.