Darren Alexander
Senior Consultant

Darren is our creative guru in the Communications practice. He insists that we bring a fresh eye to our print, oral and multi-media communications programs so that our client's messages are fresh, engaging and impactful.

Darren understands how to cut through the clutter with ideas and programs that are innovative, and provide breakthrough solutions to issues of employee engagement and enrollment. He is equally well versed in strategic corporate communications, design and public and media relations.

Darren also helps our clients gather the collective wisdom of the organization through conversations that explore organizational effectiveness, what inhibits it, and what must be different going forward to deliver positive change.

People report that talking to Darren can be therapeutic. Not only are they able to get things off their chests, they often end up telling him things that they've never shared with anyone.

Don't worry. It's confidential.and there's no extra charge.