“Lynne has been a great help to our team at Nestle Canada and to me personally. She brings clarity with facts, perceptions and provides an interpretation that is customized for the individual to grow with. She does not hold back her point of view and provides tools and approaches to dealing with the blind spots we all have in one way or another.”
– Greg Christopher, Senior Vice President, Supply chain operations. Nestle Canada

“Navigating conflict and interpersonal challenges constructively is critical to organizational success. Lynne's approach to individual and team coaching has transformed the way our people enter conversations, allowing for true collaboration, a focus on common goals, and successful outcomes.”
– Peter Shena, Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Relations and Public Policy

“Lynne O"Neill has proven to be an invaluable support as a professional coach. I have worked with Lynne for over five years; her sensitive and thoughtful approach to coaching has been instrumental in fostering my professional growth as a school leader.”
– Rosemary Evans, Principal, University of Toronto Schools
Lynne O’Neill

Lynne leads our coaching practice. She has two complimentary gifts – deep insight and compassion.

Deep insight allows her to see what is necessary to support your goals of growth and change. Deep compassion allows her to say what she sees so that it sounds like good news. We call her The Velvet Hammer.

Lynne is especially gifted in the development of 360 feedback programs, and strengthening her clients' relationship and collaboration skills.

She custom-designs our coaching approach to each organization and individual client so that it fits in with your vision, values and goals.

Lynne has also had over 30 years experience managing Alpha males. She's married to one. He's improving.