A great way to find extraordinary is to practice continuous learning. A selection of Patrick’s cd’s and books are currently available to help you advance your leadership knowledge and skills and assist you in taking your next step towards your vision. Choose from a variety of topics, including leadership skills, effective collaboration, and responsible mentoring. New products are being added regularly.


Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary leadership. But our notions of leadership must change dramatically if we are to overcome the dark prophecies that are carried daily through our global media.

Extraordinary Conversations For Breakthrough Results (ECBR) is a program about leadership. It is designed to provide skills, processes and hands-on experiences for the transition to collective leadership.

ECBR begins with the premise that in order to avert the global leadership crisis, we need to learn collective leadership. Collective leadership is the domain where each of us must bring forward our unique perspectives, learning, skills, gifts and talents as natural resources for the good of the community.

The medium of collective leadership and organizational learning is conversation - an extraordinary conversation. And extraordinary conversation changes the way we think, feel and act – and may even change the very course of our lives.



The Flow of Collaboration, a powerful 20-minute talk by Patrick O'Neill, identifies the six competencies that spell the difference between success and failure for any work group:

  • Common Purpose
  • Accountability
  • Trust
  • Proactivity
  • Dialogue
  • Mutual gain

Beginning with an extraordinary conversation in a mine in Northern Manitoba, O'Neill recounts how "flow" - the effect of everyone working together toward a common goal - requires the careful stewardship of both tasks and relationships.

As well, O'Neill outlines the five conditions that sabotage enterprise and explains why the "dream team" approach so often fails.

Next, the skills and practices that lead to good team chemistry are discussed with clarity and precision. The Flow of Collaboration finishes with an entertaining and insightful story from the Chinese tradition about the power of group work.

Patrick O'Neill leads Extraordinary Conversations Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in leadership development, organizational renewal and communications. Patrick's work has taken him to global corporations and small entrepreneurial firms in North America and Europe, to the townships of South Africa, and to the peace process in the Middle East.



One of the most important legacies of leadership is developing people. In this live recording, Patrick O'Neill explores the art and craft of being a good mentor, as well as the responsibilities incumbent on those being mentored. Patrick addresses the distinction between coaching and mentoring, and provides tools for giving effective feedback.



Character is the currency of the road of leadership. It is formed by the allegiance to a code of moral and ethic conduct. That's why it's so important that the size of our talent be matched by the strength of our character. Great talent, like all power, comes with obligations. The greater the size of our talent and ability, the more important it is that ethics and integrity act to balance, anchor and guide action.



A guide to strengthening our resolve to meet challenge from a place of courage and confidence. In this live recording, Patrick O'Neill discusses how leaders at all levels of organizations, communities and family systems can be strong-hearted by examining: the four kinds of courage; personal power and authority; hope and possibility; and the impact of fear on the imagination.


Diversity as Opportunity

Recognize diversity as a rich resource not an obstacle to growth. In this book, edited by Angeles Arrien, a stellar array of contributors including Patrick O' Neill, Mikhail Gorbachev and Norman Lear bring a variety of perspectives to establish one central theme: diversity is an advantage to be utilized - not a problem to be solved. The contributors examine how diversity creates new possibilities for working together on our projects, in our organizations and in our lives. Working Together reveals diversity as a rich resource to meet the challenges of our times, an unparalleled opportunity to bring together a multiplicity of gifts for a common purpose.