“Patrick O’Neill conducted a full day workshop with the Massachusetts Organization of Nurse Executives (MONE) during my tenure as President of this organization. The focus of his session with over 200 participants included Leadership and Personal Effectiveness in working and living in organizations and other collectives. This working session was both didactic with a focus on specific content and also allowed participants to have important reflective discussions with each other, to think through the most challenging situations and develop scenarios and strategies for effectively dealing with them. The day was invigorating, inspiring, and action oriented. The day’s work was preceded by careful and in-depth planning by Patrick and the planning committee to be sure that the content, approach and outcomes of the session would hit the mark for all participants. And, it certainly did. “I left with a new understanding of the power of my own sense of sufficiency – I realize now that I can manage whatever comes my way in terms of challenges,” said a colleague of mine. Patrick’s work and model of living and leading can be instrumental in any organization, large or small to increase its’ effectiveness and at the individual level improve personal mastery in life in general. I highly recommend him as an organizational consultant, keynote speaker, small and large group work leader for team development, strategic planning, conflict management and negotiation. He is superb.”

— Patricia Reid Ponte, RN, DNSc, NEA-BC, FAAN, SrVP Patient Care Services & Chief Nurse Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Director, Oncology Nursing & Clinical Services, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Extraordinary Conversations for Breakthrough Results

This workshop is ideal for high performing senior managers interested in developing relationship skills to enhance their leadership. Learn to strengthen and motivate your teams through fostering trust, communication and creativity. Successful organizations use innovation, collaboration and initiative to create a competitive advantage. But within many organizations, conflict, fear, complacency, and politics undermine these processes.

Extraordinary Conversations for Breakthrough Results is a powerful 3-day program that provides individuals and teams with the practical skills required to build relationships where collaboration, teamwork and mutual respect thrive. The program is practical and principle-based – a proven methodology to produce tangible results.

Conflict Transformation

"Facing a conflict requires a strong heart. The challenge for many of us in conflict is to put the relationship before the disputed issues and slow down long enough to recover our faculties - especially the ability to see and hear clearly. The eyes and the ears are always the first to go in conflicted dynamics." – Patrick O'Neill

Resolving a conflict at home, work or the community is a good thing. But sometimes resolutions don't hold and the participants find themselves in conflict all over again.

Conflict transformation is an approach that seeks to build a stronger relationship as a result of a conflict rather than just repair or rectify the damage done.

Patrick O'Neill will lead a two-day program on Conflict Transformation exploring six sets of practices that illuminate conflict dynamics, interrupt reactive behaviors, generate mutual gain, and deepen the relationships of the conflicted parties.

The Responsible Mentor

One of the most important legacies of leadership is developing people. Today more than ever, leaders are being called upon to transfer their expertise and wisdom to the leaders of tomorrow. This powerful one-day workshop explores the skills, tools and responsibilities of both mentor and protégé in order to deepen our understanding of how to support, strengthen and maintain a healthy and rigorous mentoring contract. In this interactive one-day seminar, Patrick O'Neill explores the art and craft of being a good mentor and provides practical skills and tools for both mentors and protégés that include:

  • Identifying when you're ready to be a mentor
  • Important distinctions between coaching and mentoring
  • Trust building within the mentoring relationship
  • Responsibilities as a protégé
  • Tools for giving effective feedback
  • Implementing internal mentoring programs
Thresholds of Collective Wisdom

  • Purpose
  • Responsibility
  • Trust
  • Intimacy
  • Mutuality
  • Collective Leadership

    In this workshop, Angeles Arrien and Patrick O'Neill will address the universal principles and skills that build and support collective wisdom. Collective wisdom is a sustainable human resource that is created and fostered by the contribution of individual gifts, talents, skills, and diverse experiences to support a common purpose.

    What are the ways we can inspire responsibility, participation, and creativity, despite growing global resignation and stasis? How can collective wisdom be harnessed to support right action: action that supports moving tasks and relationships forward together?

    This is rigorous work. Together we will examine what keeps us from fully showing up to our own leadership, and blending our gifts and talents with others.

    Triumph of the Imagination

    A Journey to the Heart of Creativity and Personal Leadership. A Four-Week Seminar with Angeles Arrien & Patrick O'Neill

    In a four-weekend format, Angeles Arrien and Patrick O'Neill will address the universal principles that support the alignment of the mind, heart, creative fire and character behind our life dream or collective dream. Each weekend of the series will focus on a different domain of creativity and explore the four quadrants of life's experience: relationships, work, health, and personal and professional resources.

    Triumph of the Imagination provides a powerful framework to identify your life dream (Imagination), access practical tools for manifestation (Wisdom), leave with an action plan (Manifestation), and clearly identify the resources, gifts and talents that support success (Recreation).

    The Five Transitions

    The Five Transitions is the program that many of you have been requesting: how to navigate life’s transitions.

    Through the Five Transitions you will learn:

    • How to meet change like a Warrior not a Wimp
    • What requires change or strengthening in your thinking, actions, and behaviors
    • The gifts and talents you currently possess that will help you
    • The character qualities that provide stability during transition
    • The values and principles that must be honored in the process of making choices
    • How to identify your most important priorities
    • How to choose wisely and well
    • How to manage the self-critic, intent on impeding your progress to keep you “safe”
    • And an action plan to ensure your passage through change is strong and graceful, not painful.
    The Visionmaker: The Vision of the Heart

    A two-day exploration of the Four-Chambered Heart. When we are full, open, clear and strong-hearted, vision is 20:20.

    For Visionmakers, maintenance of the heart is a navigational necessity. This workshop is based on Angeles Arrien's model and will provide participants with an in-depth experience of their own Vision of the Heart.

    Participants come to:

    • Embrace life’s unexpected transitions
    • Confront where they are letting themselves down
    • Address the fears that limit their aspirations
    • Develop a fresh perspective on what is most important in their own lives
    • Strengthen their inner voice – this is the place to bring it forward
    Gathering Your Power

    “Look at these worlds spinning out of nothing that is within your power.” — Rumi

    Personal power is your unique and individual potency-the combination of knowledge, gifts, skills, character qualities, creativity, experience and energy that each person has been given to make a difference in the world.

    In this workshop you will:

    • Identify the special experiences that have equipped you for the journey of meaning you have been born to make;
    • Recognize your aptitudes, the innate natural abilities you were born with;
    • Marshal your resources- your gifts, talents, knowledge and skills that support you in generating your preferred future;
    • Understand the character qualities that support you to act in ethical and humane ways;
    • Acknowledge the important contributions made by four challenges that shape every journey-failure, conflict, loss, and success.
    • Understand how personal power supports your personal Destiny