The Five Transitions

The Five Transitions is the program that many of you have been requesting: how to navigate life’s transitions.

At this time of accelerated change, we will spend two days at the beautiful downtown 13 acre campus of Branksome Hall, and equip ourselves to meet transformational change head-on.

If you have challenging choices to make about work, relationships, health, finances, or your own changing identity, this is the place to be in June.

Through the Five Transitions you will learn:

  • How to meet change like a Warrior not a Wimp;
  • What requires change or strengthening in your thinking, actions, and behaviors;
  • The gifts and talents you currently possess that will help you;
  • The character qualities that provide stability during transition;
  • The values and principles that must be honored in the process of making choices;
  • How to identify your most important priorities;
  • How to choose wisely and well;
  • How to manage the self-critic, intent on impeding your progress to keep you “safe”;
  • And an action plan to ensure your passage through change is strong and graceful, not painful.

Our response to the rigors of transition depends on our readiness. The Five Transitions is designed for anyone wishing to take responsibility and empower themselves for the important transitions that every person must cross.

Space in the program is limited. Register through the button below to ensure your participation.

How do I create openings for right action that bring my dream to reality? What are my obstacles to taking actions that support my creativity and my ability to manifest what I want?

The Domain of Recreation

For more information please call Extraordinary Conversations at 416 361 3331

Patrick O’Neill has been helping individuals and organizations pilot transformational change and transition for over twenty-years. He is President of Extraordinary Conversations, a Toronto-based management consulting and leadership development company. Please click here for more information about Patrick.

Date: October 1st and 2nd, 2011
Where: >Branksome Hall, 10 Elm Ave., Toronto, Canada
Fee: $299.00 (plus applicable tax - $39)

Payment can be made through PayPal: