The Responsible Mentor

A One-Day Workshop with Patrick O'Neill

One of the most important legacies of leadership is developing people. Today more than ever, leaders are being called upon to transfer their expertise and wisdom to the leaders of tomorrow. This powerful one-day workshop explores the skills, tools and responsibilities of both mentor and protégé in order to deepen our understanding of how to support, strengthen and maintain a healthy and rigorous mentoring contract. In this interactive one-day seminar, Patrick O'Neill explores the art and craft of being a good mentor and provides practical skills and tools for both mentors and protégés that include:

  • Identifying when you're ready to be a mentor
  • Important distinctions between coaching and mentoring
  • Trust building within the mentoring relationship
  • Responsibilities as a protégé
  • Tools for giving effective feedback
  • Implementing internal mentoring programs

Please contact Lynne O'Neill for any questions regarding content or rates. Due to demand, we recommend registering at least six weeks before the posted date listed in the Schedule of Events.