The Visionmaker: The Vision of the Heart

February 25/26, 2012 — Toronto CANADA

Join Patrick O’Neill for a two-day exploration of the Four-Chambered Heart. The Four-Chambered Heart is the home of vision. When we are full, open, clear and strong-hearted vision is 20:20.

For Visionmakers, maintenance of the heart is a navigational necessity. This workshop is based on Angeles Arrien's model and will provide participants with an in-depth experience of their own Vision of the Heart.

The full heart is the home of deep engagement. It is here that we learn about being authentic, about commitment and about full expression. What am I full-hearted about? Where am I half-hearted? How can I resolve issues of half-heartedness through problem solving?

The open heart teaches us to trust self, others and circumstances as they unfold. It is the home of love, balance, compassion and tolerance. Where am I open-hearted? What has caused closed-heartedness? How do I forgive and reopen the heart?

The clear heart teaches the lessons of integrity and discernment. What am I clear about in my personal journey - in my roles, relationships and activities? Where do I stand on important issues? What are the dilemmas or areas of confusion in my life? How do I resolve my concerns and move forward?

The strong heart is the home of courage. Where am I strong-hearted about my journey, relationships, and actions? Where am I weak-hearted and unable or unwilling to make difficult choices, say what's so when it's so, and stand by my convictions? What strengthening work do I need to undertake?

Participants come to:

  • Embrace life’s unexpected transitions
  • Confront where they are letting themselves down
  • Address the fears that limit their aspirations
  • Develop a fresh perspective on what is most important in their own lives Strengthen their inner voice - this is the place to bring it forward

Patrick O’Neill

Patrick has been studying the wisdom traditions of the world for over 30 years and integrated them into his extensive teaching and consulting work in change management, leadership development, team dynamics and conflict resolution. He has worked with thousands of people, and hundreds of teams and organizations and is acknowledged as a gifted teacher, consultant, mediator and mentor.

Our Approach

Patrick O’Neill will guide the group through a confidential process of deep, personal inquiry to support you to discover what is at the heart of your journey at this time. In addition to sharing his knowledge, he will employ a variety of traditional and modern techniques, including visualization, journeying, reflective practice, journaling and dialogue. His extensive, global experience in transformational work has given him an intuitive knack for framing things in the moment that can bring insight and accelerate your path of inquiry.

The Participants

You will meet like-minded people who seek to form a whole-hearted future in a conscious, purposeful way.

Date: February 25 & 26, 2012
Fee: $299.00 (plus applicable tax - $39)