Thresholds of Collective Wisdom

In this workshop, Angeles Arrien and Patrick O'Neill will address the universal principles and skills that build and support collective wisdom. Collective wisdom is a sustainable human resource that is created and fostered by the contribution of individual gifts, talents, skills, and diverse experiences to support a common purpose.

Never before has there been so much to gain or to lose in our collective experiment on this planet. A collective is any group of three or more people and includes families, teams, organizations, and institutions.

What are the ways we can inspire responsibility, participation, and creativity, despite growing global resignation and stasis? How can collective wisdom be harnessed to support right action: action that supports moving tasks and relationships forward together?

This is rigorous work. Together we will examine what keeps us from fully showing up to our own leadership, and blending our gifts and talents with others.

Tools and techniques that will be explored in this learning experience:

  • How to release limiting family patterns,
  • How to enhance one's authenticity by speaking concisely and from the heart,
  • How to enhance self-esteem through cross-cultural empowerment tools,
  • How to increase communication skills and creative thinking,
  • How to increase collective "team thinking" and positiveness,
  • How to improve open and truthful dialogue,
  • How to find challenges and energy in chaos.

For Information call Angeles Arrien's office at 415 331 5050