Triumph of the Imagination

A Journey to the Heart of Creativity and Personal Leadership
A Four-Week Seminar with Angeles Arrien & Patrick O'Neill

In a four-weekend format, Angeles Arrien and Patrick O'Neill will address the universal principles that support the alignment of the mind, heart, creative fire and character behind our life dream or collective dream. Each weekend of the series will focus on a different domain of creativity and explore the four quadrants of life's experience: relationships, work, health, and personal and professional resources.

The Domain of the Imagination

What has heart and meaning? How do I access my imagination in support of my life dream? Where do I lack the clarity to articulate what is meaningful to me at this time? Where have I limited my ability to imagine a destiny for myself that nourishes the spirit and contributes to a greater good in the world?

The Domain of Wisdom

How do I access wisdom and align my character behind what has heart and meaning? How do I learn from past experience and apply my wisdom to support right action and creativity? Where have I abandoned my dream to resignation and cynicism?

The Domain of Manifestation

How do I create openings for right action that bring my dream to reality? What are my obstacles to taking actions that support my creativity and my ability to manifest what I want?

The Domain of Recreation

How do I nourish and steward my creative fires? How do I support regeneration and renewal that fuel inspiration? What are my practices for reflection and contemplation? What is my relationship to laughter, play and joy, the pathways to vitality and creativity?

Triumph of the Imagination

Triumph of imagination provides a powerful framework to identify your life dream (Imagination), access practical tools for manifestation (Wisdom), leave with an action plan (Manifestation), and clearly identify the resources, gifts and talents that support success (Recreation).

This approach to creativity is not rooted in traditional paradigms of idea generation. Instead, we take a contextual approach to creativity by focusing on practical skills and tasks that support the development of our ability to allure and align with the life dream. Manifestation requires a partnership with the mystery.

Patrick O'Neill leads Extraordinary Conversations., a Toronto based management consulting firm specializing in leadership development and organizational renewal. Patrick's work in leadership development has taken him to global corporations in North America and Europe; to the townships of South Africa; and to the peace process in the Middle East.

Angeles Arrien is an anthropologist, author, educator, and corporate consultant. She lectures internationally and conducts workshops that bridge cultural anthropology and psychology. She teaches the universal components of communication, leadership skills, education, and health care. She is the founder and president of the Angeles Arrien Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research.

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