The Four Directions
2017 Vision Quest Program

The Four Directions programs are designed to support full engagement in your personal, work and community life. These tools are cross-cultural and can be applied in any environment where leadership, wellbeing, creativity and wisdom are valued.

In 2017 we’re excited to offer a Vision Quest experience during the third gathering of the four-session program. We hope you can join our community of practice.

"In many shamanic traditions, optimum health is considered to be the equal expression of these archetypes. Indigenous peoples consider it vitally important to be balanced in all four areas: leading, healing, visioning, and teaching. For most people, however, this balance is far from reality." -ANGELES ARRIEN

In her seminal book, The Four-Fold Way, Angeles Arrien provides an ancient, cross-cultural map for living a healthy, balanced life. She identifies four archetypes: the Leader, Healer, Visionary and Teacher. Each archetype corresponds to a cardinal direction. Each direction contains a set of practices synthesized from worldwide shamanic traditions.

The Four Directions programs are intended to deepen our knowledge, and application of these practices. Whether you are new to this work or a returning student, the programs are designed to support deep personal congruence and greater harmony with others and our world. Patrick O'Neill is a management consultant and teacher with an international client base. He taught with Angeles Arrien for twenty years and is committed to carrying on the work that Angeles pioneered.

The Four Directions 2017 Vision Quest Program is held in California as follows:

The North: February 4/5 – Marin County, CA
The South: April 22/23 - Marin County, CA
The East: June 7 – 11 – Vision Quest at Four Springs Retreat, Middletown, CA
The West: October 21/22 – Marin County, CA


THE NORTH – The Warrior

The North (Winter) is devoted to the practice of leadership and the wise use of power. The powers of presence, action and communication are the foundations of leadership. We will explore the principles and applications of personal leadership and group leadership. The practices of the North help us show up, make positive contributions to our families and communities and avoid the abuses of power that plague our times.


THE SOUTH – The Healer

The South (Spring) is devoted to the healing power of love. The practices of the four-chambered heart - full, strong, open and clear - is humanity's most powerful healing salve. These perennial wisdoms support us to be in right relationship with others, our world, and ourselves. South work helps us choose compassion over fear; cooperation over divisiveness; forgiveness over retaliation. _________________

THE EAST – The Visionary – Vision Quest

The East (Summer) is devoted to vision and our life dream. This is the home of the authentic self, of truth telling without blame and our gifts and talents. Summer is the time for dismantling the false-self system and of releasing patterns of indulgence and denial. The East supports us to drop fixed perspectives and open to expanded vision.

This is the Vision Quest period. It is a five-day experience that includes four days and four nights supervised camping on the land. Self-care and personal safety is the order of the day.


THE WEST – The Teacher

The West (Fall) is devoted to loving detachment and gathering wisdom. To do this, we must become comfortable with uncertainty and learn to trust. The fall is associated with shedding. The West teaches us about letting go of being positional, judgmental and controlling, the barriers to wisdom. We become more flexible and fluid when we are open to outcome. Here we can listen to our own inner guidance in the stillness of the quiet mind. Clarity, objectivity and discernment grow as a result.


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2017 XPO Series (4 meetings)

Investment: $2,720 USD