Is your work, relationship, health, income or sense of self in transition? Are you challenged to find a clear sense of direction in these turbulent times? Are you connected to your personal resources – knowledge, skills, character qualities, creativity, experience – that will support you on the next adventure of life? Your success in meeting the rigours of transition depends on your readiness.

Learn how to:

  • Begin envisioning your future state
  • Access courage and embrace uncertainty
  • Identify your fear triggers and learn how to master them
  • Build the confidence and resourcefulness to face adversity
  • Recognize and apply your unique personal resources
  • Hold to your values and principles as a source of strength
  • Silence the self critic before it sabotages you

Transitions is designed for anyone wishing to empower themselves for the inevitable encounter with life's initiations. Limited enrollment.

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Investment: $1,000

September 28th & 29th, 2013
Toronto, Ontario

$1000 (plus tax)

Team Tune-up

Time for a check in with your team? High functioning teams need to continually ensure they are aligned and focused around the same goals.

Is your team focused and primed for success? Our Team Tune-up can help support your ability to safely and effectively identify and address issues, dynamics and barriers to team.

A completed next steps work plan ensures everyone knows what they need to do to achieve team goals.

Team Tune-up includes:

  • Up to 10 assessment interviews
  • Identification of common themes
  • Half day facilitated working session to review themes, identify priority items and next steps

Fee includes consultation meeting with Patrick O'Neill to help you develop a strategic approach to your change initiative.

For further information call us at 416 361 3331 or email

Investment: $7,900