1000 Visionmakers (2)

Last month I posted a "help wanted" ad on my blog for 1000 Visionmakers. The purpose of the call to action was to begin the process of mobilizing a small army to redream our world.


Every day we are assaulted by images and messages of dysfunction. They depict the world as teetering on the brink of global breakdown, full of problems that are too large and complex to solve, problems that make for juicy news coverage.


This contributes to a malaise and a growing belief that we are hopeless and helpless. We default personal responsibility for being part of the solution and project that responsibility onto heroes whom we hope will rescue us. When they can't solve our problems immediately, we turn on them. President Obama is the most recent and perhaps the most graphic example of the pattern.


My dream of 1000 Visionmakers is one step to push back against this dangerous cultural drift toward ennui. It's easy to particpate. All you need to do is open a Twiiter account and tweet one positive idea for change daily then tag it "ReVision Our World." Follow anyone who is tweeting this way and retweet their daily offering.


1000 voices together can make a big difference.


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Posted on February 4, 2010 and filed under Uncategorized.