I have taken a hiatus from the blog, giving myself some time to recharge my batteries, and refocus. Writing is hard work (at least for me).  A very busy practice, a monthly newsletter and a manuscript have all required time and energy and unfortunately, something had to give.  That was the blog.

I'm back.

With a refreshed web site – thanks to Megan and Devin at Aster Design – the time seems right to begin again. As in past, I will continue to offer tools for personal development and group work and comment on leadership and governance issues. 

I am also going to provide thoughts from time to time on civics, ethics, politics, journalism, faith, business, and even entertainment.

The question I will be asking myself to drive content is: "What are the issues of the day and what implications do they have for us as leaders?"

Generally, the blog will be shorter, bite-sized. Longer pieces will appear from time to time but mostly, longer articles will be reserved for the monthly newsletter.

Hope you will find value.





Posted on January 13, 2014 .