The Willingness To "Be In It"

You always know when you're growing. You can feel it in your gut. It's  kind of churning sensation. I call that feeling "being in it."

Many of us hate "being in it" more than anything and will search for ways to reduce the discomfort. Playing it safe, zoning out, or self-medicating are three of the most popular methods.

Then there are the solid few who actually welcome 'being in it."

 I know, crazy.

But those that not only tolerate it, but court the experience, are the learners and the growers.

They are not satisfied with a half-lived life. They are committed to going past their comfort zones into the unknown territory of orginal experience. 

There, they find an inner wilderness. Unpredictable, wild, fully alive. 

That space is sacred ground to this hungry minority.  

Pema Chodrin, the Buddhist teacher says: " life as an experiment, making it up as you go along."  

Especially good advice to those with one life to live.

Let's be in the constant therapeutic irritation of living.

It's good for us.


Posted on January 21, 2014 .