Completing the Year Well

As 2008 winds down, it is important that Visionmakers ensure that the year ends well so that the New Year can open cleanly. Carrying additional baggage from the past weighs down the momentum of the journey forward and makes it increasingly burdensome to move ahead. Reflection, the ability to turn the eyes from the exterior landscape to the interior landscape, assists in the survey of what needs to be completed to close the year without regret.  

Completion is a purposeful act that retires aspects of tasks and relationships that remain unfinished due to lack of attention, avoidance, poor planning, or procrastination. Of course, in any large or long-term endeavor, there will be always things to do that require ongoing attention. Completion is different in that its primary focus is on issues arising from half-heartedness, closed-heartedness, weak-heartedness and doubting-heartedness. These four conditions reduce a Visionmaker's ability to see the path of heart and meaning with the acuity necessary for a continued successful journey.


From today to December 31st is the perfect time to pause and examine the following questions as a means of seeing those issues, problems or impacts that require attention before the end of the year and to make a plan to bring them to completion:


"Where have I been half-hearted in my tasks and relationships?  What has that cost me?  What do I need to do to restore full-heartedness and full commitment in my tasks and relationships? What are the steps that I need to take to retire these issues or make progress in their resolution?"


"Where have I been closed-hearted or hard-hearted? What has that cost me?  What are the steps that I need to take to reopen or soften my heart?  What do I need to do to repair or rectify these situations with others?"


"Where have I been weak-hearted, lacked the courage to be myself, or the strength to stand up for my vision?  What has that cost me?  What do I need to do to strengthen my heart and fund courage in my life?  Who or what do I need to face to restore my confidence and self-respect?"


"What issues or problems have I been unable to gain the clarity I require to choose well and take the decisive steps that are required to move on?  Where has complexity overcome me or disquieted me?  What about these issues or situations frighten me or evoke fear of failure? How can I look at these problems in an objective way that restores clarity and perspective?  Who can assist or advise me on how to gain the perspective I seek?"


An old proverb states: "In the quiet mind, all things are possible." Visionmakers see that the road to the quiet mind begins in the heart. That road requires our vigilance and attention to ensure swift and safe passage.


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