Crossing The Bridge from Possibility to Outcome

When Visionmakers envision the journey between the Field of Possibility and the Field of Outcomes, they picture a bridge that spans the gap between these two realities. Possibility rests within current circumstances. The Field of Outcomes stands opposite Possibility, at the boundary of the future.    

As outlined in my last post, the Field of Possibility contains all of the creative thoughts, feelings, and actions that are available to everyone and anyone as they pursue a path of heart and meaning. Possibility is limitless, despite what we have been taught by the status quo.


The Field of Outcomes contains all the potential results and repercussions that can occur from the possibilities for action that are being contemplated. This is the place that Visionmakers explore the impact of their plans.


The Bridge of Foresight connects these two fields and enables a Visionmaker to make the crossing from the present to the future through a series of visualized steps. These steps are conducted along the Span of Time, which is used to determine the best possible journey from Possibility to Outcome.


A Visionmaker asks:


"What are the short term steps across the Span of Time that I need to take to initiate my crossing?"  


These are usually easier to see because they are in close proximity to the present. The time frame involved in visualizing short term steps is usually about 90 days.


Next, he or she asks:


"What mid-term steps do I need to take?"


These are a little more difficult, because they cause our vision to search further down the Bridge. Typically, this is a 6-12 month time frame.


Finally, a Visionmaker seeks long-term steps. These steps are often perceived as broad stroke actions because they are at the end of the bridge and cannot be seen in the same detail as short or mid-term action steps. Often, they exist as concepts, rough ideas, and intuitions.


The Bridge of Foresight helps transition Visionmaking from the realm of the imagination, or the inner world, to the outer world, where action can occur. It provides a framework for the crossing from Possibility to Outcome. That journey requires conscious attention to tasks and relationships in order for it to be viable.  My next post will explore these two attentions.


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