Elder Abuse

By now, I am sure you must think of me as an uber Catholic, what with my blog on the persecution of Women Religious by the Vatican; and my newsletter on the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin.


Despite the fact that I work for two religious denominations, I am not what you would call a practicing Christian.


I have my spiritual practices but sitting in a church pew isn't one of them. Unless I'm taking my 98 year old Aunt to Mass. I just do that to be near a real holy person. And so that she won't try to walk alone to church again.


After spending the past few days in a convent working with some of the finest women anywhere I find myself increasingly outraged by the Vatican crackdown on the Nuns.


Where are these guys heads?


They're talking about investigating a community of senior citizens for being too "liberal." That's elder abuse if you ask me.


I think Women Religious across North America–and those who support and are the beneficiary of the good work that they do for society– should march.


The sight of these elders linking arms in self-defense against the male hierarchy of their own church would and should shock society.


The Nuns have enough to worry about without this bunch of knuckleheads searching for evidence that they are soft on gays, abortion and women priests.


They're trying to help the poor, sick, and dispossessed. At the same time they're running schools, literacy centers and hospitals.


Try that when you're in your seventies and beyond!


The Church has got more pressing problems than this nonsense. I say march. Show the world who the Catholic Church is so afraid of.


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