Father's Day: Remembering the Healthy Masculine

Something that is usually forgotten is that Father's Day is an opportunity to celebrate the archteype of the Healthy Masculine. That archetype lives in every man and woman and is the dynamic energy in our nature.


The Healthy Masculine is associated with productivity that springs from living a values-driven life. It is the builder, protector and author of right action. This energy seeks to provide sustenance through hard work, honest means and generosity to family, friends and community.


When we use our dynamic nature in a healthy way, we pay attention to our responsibilites as an means of honoring the great gift of life. We are creative and engaged fully, recognizing that this is a path of honor in the world.


The Healthy Masculine is partnered with The Healthy Feminine, the receptive and nurturing aspect of human beings. The Masculine treats the Feminine as an equal partner in relationship, recognizing that the Feminine carries a fluency in the inner world that matches the Masculine's fluency in the outer world.


Father's Day reminds us that we must ensure that we take care of our dynamic nature and root out the behaviours that undermine integrity. These include acting from our circumstances rather than our principles and values; the failure to attend to our responsibilities; the misuse of power and authority; laziness; greed; and the failure to recognize and develop our creative gifts and talents. The Healthy Masculine always attends to the needs of the family as a primary commitment.


To all of us striving to be do our best and honor the Healthy Masculine, Happy Father's Day. A special thank you to my own father, John D'arcy O'Neill. Much love, gratitude and respect to you for your modeling and lessons. You are remembered and appreciated. Rest in peace.


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