"Power always makes a cubic centimeter of chance available to the warrior. The Warrior's art is to be perennially fluid in order to pluck it." –Carlos Castaneda  

A Visionmaker is always vigilant, disciplined and ready to act. With economy and efficiency, he or she seeks the best moment to act, the moment when it is possible to pluck the future form the fingers of Chance.


Chance is a rip in the fabric of the status quo that Destiny opens for an act of intent.


The status quo, of course, is self-repairing. That rip is sewn back together instantly. That's why fluidity is so important. We must be in flow to take advantage of that cubic centimeter of chance.


In Visionmaking, fluidity is caused by the confluence of the warmth of emotion and feeling and the coolness of intellect.  Working together in partnership, emotion and intellect constantly adjust the temperature of the fire of purpose like a thermostat.


This ensures that the will does not overheat, which leads to hot-headedness, or freeze, causing cold-heartedness.  The will remains fluid, able to constantly adjust the balance of energy and power to serve purposeful action.


Fluidity produces right timing. Picture an elite athlete, musician or dancer. The heart, intellect and will are united in the flawless execution of a complex set of actions. As a result the performance is transcendent.  There is no separation between the performer and the performance.  Everything flows.


This is the Visionmaker's art.  The fluidity to act with purpose and generate a breakthrough.


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