How A Man Moves

Good shot sonwell done!


That’s a fine looking buck. The family is going to eat well this winter. Thanks to you and this animal.


Take the knife you’ve watched me do this time for you to cut. Before you start thank the animal.


Make the first cut. You have to be sure-handed, true with the blade, crotch to sternum. Not so deep that it’s spoiled. You need everything.


That knife was my father’s now it’s yours for what you did here today. The handle is worn-in fits the hand perfectly while it works.


Learn how to cut strong, but not too strong. Never force the knife.


The best stroke is patient, smooth and precise. That’s how a man moves when he knows his business.


Well done, son. I’ll help you with the saw.



© Patrick O’Neill 2010. All rights reserved

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