Insight: Unfoldment

The second portal of insight is unfoldment.  

The Visioinmaker is always tracking what is unfolding within and around them. This means one is paying attention to the "Implicate Order," a term coined by quantum physicist, David Bohm. Bohm writes:


"The word 'implicate' means to enfold–in Latin, to fold inward.  In the implicate order everything is enfolded into everything."


In Visionmaking, the path of heart and meaning is enfolded in the heart. It is the Visionmaker's responsibility "to pay attention to what has heart and meaning" in order to unfold one's Destiny through purposeful action.


At the same time, we must remain aware that the personal and collective journey unfold mutually, inextricably woven together in the fabric of Destiny's greater plan.


Insight is gathered by recognizing the patterns that are unfolding within us and around us. Curiosity and inquiry are the means by which a Visionmaker gathers such insight. You can use these questions to examine what you are sensing:


• "What am I experiencing or seeing?"


• "What events or occurrences appear to be giving rise to what I am experiencing or seeing?"


• "What else might this be connected to?"


• "What are the impacts and implications of what is unfolding?"


• "What actions can I take to follow my heart?"


 Patrick O’Neill 2009. All rights reserved
Posted on September 30, 2009 and filed under Chance.