Mind Your Own Business

"If everybody minded their own business," the Duchess said, in a hoarse growl, "the world would go round a deal faster than it does." –Lewis Carroll


The sixth covenant of the Visionmaker's Code is clearly an admonishment of our times. Mind Your Own Business directs us against meddling. 


Unless invited, a Visionmaker never meddles in the business of other people, gives unsolicited advice, or intervenes in situations that are the business of others. Further, one does not gossip or collude with others in interpersonal dynamics and conflicts.


Most people ignore this. That is why conflict escalates at a rate unprecedented in history. Today, we have the means and the methods to meddle globally.


On top of that, our media has been hijacked by gossip, intrusiveness, public criticism, and stalking in the name of erasing privacy as a right of the individual. That's entertainment!


Visionmakers have no time for such nonsense. They couldn't give a whit about Britney or Paris. They prefer to mind their own business, focus on the journey they were born to make, attend to their responsibilities to themselves, others, and to the world.


Privacy is a container for our personal mysteries.  As such, it is regarded as a sacred container by Visionmakers.  One is invited into the world of other people. We are not entitled to enter at will. That is an act of disrespect.


By minding our own business, we avoid the distractions of social politics and drama.  Ultimately, these waste time and divert us from purposeful acts.


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