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Report on BusinessLeadership lessons from The King's Speech HARVEY SCHACHTER Special to Globe and Mail Update Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 6:42AM EST


The Academy Awards next Sunday will reveal Hollywood's pick of the best film of 2010, but Toronto-based consultant Patrick O'Neill says it's no contest to pick the best leadership film.


In his Extraordinary Conversations newsletter, Mr. O'Neill calls The King's Speech one of the best contemporary portraits of a person being initiated into power...


It was a nice surprise to be again featured in Canada's National Newspaper, The Globe & Mail. The columnist, Harvey Schacter, has really supported my newsletters by featuring them in his column. I don't know Mr. Schacter, but he strikes me as a brilliant, well-educated and extremely competent journalist. Good taste too.


If you didn't catch the newsletter, you can click onto it either in a previous blog post or by going to my website.


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