Mother's Day

My wife ate Indian food in early labor. Lots of it. I was not an Indian food fan at the time but a pregnant woman in early labor gets whatever she wants at my house.  

Lynne set some kind of Canadian record for time spent in labor. Our middle daughter was born the fastest. She arrived in only eight hours. Our first and third took their time. They were 21 and 24 hours respectively. Our youngest was born in the bathtub of our house, rendering that spot a sacred site.


You learn a lot about a person when you witness them in active labor over extended periods of time. You learn a lot about courage and perseverance, strength and stamina. I am convinced that no man has been born that could handle such a rigorous initiation. I complained about lack of sleep.


If you are paying attention, you can apprehend the atmosphere that accompanies the arrival of a newborn. A soft, warm bubble of grace envelops the place where a baby comes into the world. It is the same bubble that carries us out of this world at death.


Grace is defined as infinite love and mercy. It is also the word used to describe elegance and beauty. All of these qualities, and more, attend the arrival and departure of human beings as we make the two great, mysterious journeys of birth and death.


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