Mystery of Relationships Update

Our first weekend of The Mystery of Relationship begins Friday night in San Francisco. We have an almost full house for the four-weekend series.


Weekend One will focus on The Power of Engagement, an exploration of the elements of full-heartedness. Being full hearted, engaged, means that we trust ourselves in relationship and hold nothing in reserve. We recognize that vulnerability is a doorwar to intimacy.


The opposite of full-heartedness is half-heartedness. When we are half-hearted, we struggle with issues of commitment. Probably never happens to you.


Full-heartedness allows mature relationships to deepen and announces that we trust our romantic partner, family members, and close friends. It's the experience of being present, not distracted or preoccupied by other matters.


I am excited to discover what our group will co-create this week-end. Still time to register if this topic appeals to you...or scares you to death.


You can come to the work any way you want.


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