Overcoming Fear

Fear is our constant companion on the journey past the comfort zone into unknown territory. It keeps us sharp, awake to all that we encounter that is unfamiliar. Like all other primary emotions, it is hard to escape from fear. Visionmakers learn to overcome it and "move from within' as Rumi so elegantly put it.  

There are situations and encounters in life where it would be foolhardy not to feel the presence of fear. Eliminating it completely is beyond our capacity. Managing our fear–and not being run by it–is within our power to accomplish.


One fear that must be faced is the inevitable encounter with our Destiny. Many of us turn away from the future because we are afraid to face the possibility that we cannot attain our hearts desire, or that we will fail.


Others turn away for fear that they can attain their Destiny and are terrified of the changes and choices that will be required as a result.


Rather than be paralyzed by either sets of fears, Visionmakers make a different choice. They turn to their personal powers-the sum total of their knowledge, experience, aptitudes, gifts, talents, skills, character qualities and creativity.


They recognize that these unique and potent resources create confidence and the kind of seasoning that allows a Visionmaker to feel well-matched for the encounter with uncertainty and the unknown.


We are far more powerful than we might think. At times of challenge, change, conflict, chaos and crisis, when fear rises, we are reminded to empower ourselves rather than defeat ourselves by forgetting who we are, by giving ourselves over to our fears.


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Posted on January 12, 2010 and filed under Crisis, Uncertainty.