Sacred Crossings

Call me morbid, but I like reading the obituaries. I have read them for over twenty years. Sometimes I will see someone I know personally or by reputation. More so lately, I guess.


Maybe it’s an age thing?


I just think that the passing of a soul into the next world should be observed. It’s one of the four initiations that every person goes through. According to cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien, those initiations are:


• birth


• puberty


• committed relationship


• death


It’s important that we pay respect to initiation points in our own and each other’s journey. Their observance is the glue that holds the family and community together.


These times in the journey are metamorphosis points. Metamorphosis is a transformation from one state to something completely different or new. That makes them ‘sacred crossings.’


One thing I like about obituaries is that they chronicle a life’s journey. Usually, the important people they loved, accomplishments, and pass-times are mentioned. So are endearing character qualities and personality traits.


Currently, the last of the Greatest Generation, those that lived through WW2 and the Depression, are making their swan song. They lived through a time of accelerated change and risk.


The children’s obituaries are the toughest to read. Often they are great heroes to those that loved them, their Mom’s and Dad’s and brothers and sisters. I never want to read an obituary of any of my kids. I can’t imagine anything worse in this life.


It seems that cads and villains seldom die. If they do, their announcement must run in another newspaper.


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