Start Anywhere

A Visionmaker always sees wherever they are as the only possible place to begin a journey of meaning. He or she accepts the present moment as the place of power. Manifestation can only occur in the here and now.


This also means accepting present circumstances, no matter how daunting, and facing them squarely. "If only things were different," is not a principle of Visionmaking. When we stop resisting the present, we begin to see it for what it is–a departure point rather than a prison cell or a torture chamber.


When you see the present this way, you also begin to see its possibilities. The ever-present "now," wherever it is, is always the right place and the right time to meet Destiny.


Starting anywhere requires us to initiate action. "We are the children of our deeds," says an old Spanish saying. It suggests that by starting anywhere we transform ourselves through action. Initiating action creates a partnership with Desiny in generating a path of heart and meaning rather than expecting one to be there. That is entitlement not enterprise.


Many people are all talk. They yak and yak and never act. Others put off to tomorrow what can be captured only in the moment. Still others are rendered impotent by thinking about things rather than doing them.


A Visionmaker is action-oriented. He or she acts from the heart, remembering that each step brings us closer to Destiny.



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