Tedx Burlington

I am preparing for my first Ted Talk, in Burlington, Ontario, May 27th.


It's a real honor to be asked to participate. The theme of the Conference is "Passion For Compassion."


I am going to address The Teachers of the Heart.


Who has taught you the most about love and compassion? What have they taught you and how has it changed the way you think, feel and act?


I'll be sharing The Four-Chambered Heart, an indigenous archetype first introduced to me by cultural anthropologist, Angeles Arrien.


The Full, Open, Clear and Strong Heart provide a classroom for the development of love and compassion.


My thesis at Ted is that we have spent so much money on the development of our minds and far less on the education of the heart.


But what if our global problems could only be solved by better hearts?


A statistic that startled me as I was preparing for the talk is this: last year the global military expenditure was U.S.$2.1 trillion!


That's a ton of money to spend on fear, aggression and defensiveness.


What if we channneled $2.1 trillion dollars into kindness and compassion?


The world would look very different.


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