The Assemblage of Vision

Assemblage – the action of gathering or fitting things together.  

A common misconception of the Visionmaking process is that vision arrives either fully-formed and in Technicolor, or not at all. This is a false assumption.


While vision can arrive in a close to finished state, it is an exception rather than the rule.


Most often, vision arrives in fragments- seemingly disconnected images, feelings, encounters, discoveries, insights and dreams that must be pieced together like a mosaic or a puzzle in order to be understood.


Nowadays, most people have little patience for remaining in such creative tension. They prefer to dismiss what is emerging to conscious awareness because it does not make immediate sense, or misunderstand the arrival of a mysterious, ongoing communication because it is not wholly logical.


Visionmakers understand that vision is assembled. They recognize the importance of investigation and contemplation, the twin aspects required to make meaning of the abstract.


Every vision starts as an abstraction, content that is seemingly disassociated from its source. While most of us are satisfied to meet such material with a quizzical shrug and a chuckle, Visionmakers see these moments as revelation. They are not in such a hurry to allow a fragment of vision to escape further investigation or contemplation.


Visionmakers recognize that the assemblage of vision is a creative act. Vision is a gift to mankind, a gift that carries the responsibility of full engagement. It is disrespectful to meet such generosity with laziness and entitlement.


Visionmakers seek to understand the directions encoded in the fragments of vision. These fragments demand that we apply all of our faculties to decode their meanings and construct a comprehensive understanding of our individual manifest destiny.


What are your dreams, callings, important images, intuition, synchronistic events, and inspirations telling you about the emerging future?


© Patrick O’Neill 2009. All rights reserved

Posted on September 7, 2009 and filed under Original Vision.