The Border

Put the boat to shore, it’s that woman’s time.Couldn’t be a worse place for this arrival. The black flies here are the size of dogs and they show no remorse for their feeding. Give her a hand and take her to shore. We don’t need any attention. These people mean nothing, nothing at all, nothing but a dollar. I ferry them across this river at night where the border’s unprotected. I don’t know where they come from don’t care where they go. I’m paid to deliver, that’s my orders. I’ll break the law for the right reward but that’s the end of my interests. You go to jail for cargo like this, worse than drugs, worse than weapons. I’m sure not going there tonight because that woman decided to labor. Her name is Maria or something like that, she’s as big as the moon, maybe bigger. Shoulda known better than take her aboard. Shouldn’ta taken her with us at all. Help her to the short grass and let her alone before that baby is born we’ll be leaving them. Feel kinda bad but that’s life I guess won’t leave a note at the border.


© Patrick O’Neill 2010. All rights reserved

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