The Cradle of Original Vision

There is a fallacy about vision that is important to expose. Many believe that original vision is an innate gift that few are born with. Visionmakers believe otherwise.  

Visionmakers believe that everyone is born with the gift of original vision. Few people, however, are willing to develop that gift. It can be an uncomfortable process. Most of us don't like to be uncomfortable. It's irritating and demands attention be diverted from maintaining the status quo, that comfort zone that allows us to maintain our routinized engagement with life. That's where the average person spends a majority of their waking hours, in routines. Few are actually present to the unfolding mystery that surrounds us!


Visionmakers develop a tolerance for creative tension, that perceptual stretching required to develop original vision to its potential. Creative tension is the cradle of original vision. It requires that we face the future without a guarantee of success. That can be uncomfortable, especially when experiencing the products of creative tension–uncertainty, paradox, challenges, problems, confusion, chaos, ambiguity, change, and new possibilities.


These ten conditions, however, stimulate us to reach within ourselves to expand our vision. Over the next several weeks, I will be looking at these ten conditions as the cradle of original vision. Thank you for visiting Visions. Your insights and comments are welcome as always.


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