The Field of Outcomes

Since the beginning of the New Year, we have been outlining the practices that Visionmakers employ to envision the future. By applying these practices, we generate a preferred future rather than simply accepting the one we are dealt by circumstances and the status quo.  

This post examines The Field of Outcomes. The Field of Outcomes stands opposite The Field of Possibility. It is a Visionmaker's task to envision a heart-felt journey from Possibility to Outcome, a journey that literally invents the future. This is the work of Visionmaking. It is the discipline of creating a journey of heart and meaning through purposeful acts.


As outlined in previous posts, The Field of Possibility contains all of the creative thoughts, options, ideas and actions that are available to us in order to pursue what is most meaningful in our lives–in work, relationships, community service and personal development.  It is the realm of pure potential.  


The Field of Outcomes contains all of the potential results and repercussions that can occur from those possibilities for action that are being considered. Outcomes concerns the aftermath of our choices. Here we cast our vision forward so that we can determine if our actions carry repercussions that would undermine or damage the sustainability of the journey. It is the place of seeing one's impact.


The Visionmaker is always responsible for the impact of his or her choices.  That is why possibility must always be measured against impact.  This is a responsible approach to identifying, understanding and mitigating potential risks that could sabotage tasks and relationships. Tasks and relationships must be managed equally for a successful, sustainable and responsible journey. 


Through reflection, a central practice of Visionmaking,  we seek to evaluate and appraise each possible course of action to determine the wisest and best approach to the journey we are about to undertake. Here are some of the mission-critical questions that are examined:

• Which actions best support my heart's desire and direction?

• Which are most effective and efficient?

• Which actions will likely lead to a positive impact?

• What actions best moves task and relationship forward together?

• What are the actions that carry risks of damaging relationships and the support of others?

• What are the short, middle or long term steps that I need to take for a successful passage from Possibility to Outcome?

• What is the best timing for action to occur?

• What do I need to do before action takes place to ensure that I have prepared myself and others well for the journey from Possibility to Outcome?


Through reflection and rigorous questions, Foresight is brought to bear on a journey of heart and meaning. It is Foresight that creates the bridge from Possibility to Insight.


As always, your thoughts, comments and questions are welcome. Thank you for your commitment to explore the discipline of Visionmaking.


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