The Heart of A Visionmaker

"Keep your heart with all vigilance; For from it flows the springs of life."



The Four-Chambered Heart is the home of vision. When we are full, open, clear and strong-hearted vision is 20:20.


Visionmakers believe that the heart always knows what is most meaningful. They recognize that the old proverbs about following our heart's desire is more than a bromide. The old ways, now long divorced from their original context by the decline of our mythologies, are still home to perennial wisdom.


Visonmakers see the truth about the heart: it is the place where vision assembles.


The full heart is the home of deep engagement. It is here that we learn about being authentic, about commitment and about full expression. What am I full-hearted about?  Where am I half-hearted? How can I resolve issues of half-heartedness through problem-solving?


The open heart teaches us to trust self, others and circumstances as they unfold. It is the home of love, balance, compassion and tolerance. Where am I open-hearted? What has caused closed-heartedness? How do I forgive and reopen the heart?


The clear heart teaches the lessons of integrity and discernment. What am I clear about in my personal journey - in my roles, relationships and activities? Where do I stand on important issues? What are the dilemmas or areas of confusion in my life?  How do I resolve my concerns and move forward?


The strong heart is the home of courage. Where am I strong-hearted about my journey, relationships, and actions? Where am I weak-hearted and unable or unwilling to make difficult choices, say what's so when it's so, and stand by my convictions? What strengthening work do I need to undertake?


The Four-Chambered Heart is the seat of Destiny and the source of the unique and unfolding path that every Visionmaker is born to pursue.  


Daily maintenance of the heart, then, becomes a navigational necessity.


© Patrick O’Neill 2009. All rights reserved

Posted on September 16, 2009 and filed under Original Vision.