The Millenium Development Goals

The Millenium Development Goals, established by the United Nations, are a global action plan to end poverty by the year 2015. Every person on the planet should unite behind this bold, strategic direction to reduce poverty and uplift humanity.


These goals are global Visionmaking in action.


Critics argue that the goals are not achievable or that too little is being done by nations that signed on to this initiative.


I say this campaign will be achieved in our lifetime.


We may miss the 2015 dates on some or all of the initiatives. But the articulation of the goals, and the commitment made by the global community, has already mobilized the will to achieve them.


Why? Because there is a framework for accountabilty that has been agreed and made public. As a result, citizens of the world can discern the difference between action and rhetoric. That is a critical juncture and a global game-changer for the leaders of industrialized nations. Now there is a framework of accountability.


Finally, there is a set of objectives that are trans-national and speak to the plight of the dis-enfranchised. Why have politicians done this?


National security.


Poverty is the breeding ground for terrorism. Today, the gulf between the have and have-not nations is being bridged by bombs. Tax-payers do not want their office buildings blown up. To prevent that from happening, extraordinary measure have been taken to insulate populations from extremism. That costs a lot of money and the security strategy is not sustainable over the long term.


Only international development has the power to deliver the peace that every person desires. To achieve it there must be a global war on poverty.


The Millenium Development Goals are an important step in creating a world that can work for everyone. They are:


Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger


Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education


Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women


Goal 4: Reduce child mortality rate


Goal 5: Improve maternal health


Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases


Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability


Goal 8: Develop a global partnership for development


These goals announce the commencement of World War 3. Fortunately, this is a war on poverty that can save lives not take them.



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