The Mystery of Relationships

This coming weekend, Angeles Arrien and I will be offering The Mystery of Relationships in Sausalito, California.


This is the second time we are offering the program. It was such a success last year, and the demand was so high, we decided to run it again over four weekends.


Many of last year's participants are returning. There are also a whole bunch of new folks. There is so much to learn about right-right relationship with self, other and community.


What I love about this work is that every offering is made new by the participants –and what they teach.


Of course, Angeles and I will be leading the workshops but every person in the room is a wisdom-carrier. Our job is to create an environment where that wisdom can surface.


There is still room to join us if learning about the healthy feminine and the healthy masculine is something that draws you at this time.


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For more information, contact Angeles Arriens office: 415-331-5050.


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