The Mystery of Relationships

As many of you know, I have been teaching with Angeles Arrien for the past 16 years. So far we have collaborated on three programs: Thresholds of Collective Wisdom, Triumph of the Imagination, and The Challenge of Uncertainty.


Over the years, we have been asked repeatedly for a program that focuses on healthy relationships. I am pleased to announce that our new program, The Mystery of Relationships, does just that. Over four weekends, beginning this July, Angeles and I will lead an inquiry into what many religious traditions consider to be the most rigorous spiritual practice.


Relationship, in all its forms, is rigorous work. It demands that we shed our expectations, assumptions and illusions about ourselves and others.


Through relationship, we accelerate our learning about love, friendship, forgiveness, trust, honesty and generosity of spirit. It is a crucible that fosters mutuality, character and maturity.


Relationship work is truly transformational. The heart is the primary teacher about how to grow in love.


This program will take place at Angeles Arrien's office in Sausalito, California. Each weekend will bring a different focus to bear on the relationship with self, others and community.


July 8-10, 2011 The Power of the Heart


Relationships are the great teachers of the heart. In our first weekend, we will be exploring how the heart is initiated and developed by relationship. We will explore the archetypal distinctions of Four-Chambered Heart and who have been our greatest teachers of love and companionship? We will also identify the ways in which love can be opened, strengthened. softened and deepened.


Sept. 23-25, 2011 The Healthy Masculine and Healthy Feminine


What constitutes the healthy masculine and feminine? Healthy behaviors are: Unhealthy behaviors include: control and appeasement; strategy and seduction; unhealthy pride and attention/entitlement needs, to name a few. We will explore ways to recognize, support and strengthen healthy behaviors that are universal and archetypal within all relationships.


Nov. 18-20, 2011 Intimacy in Relationship


Intimacy in relationship cannot occur without the consistent presence of trust, honesty, respect, openness and vulnerability. We will identify and strengthen where these qualities are present or not in all our relationships.


Jan 20-22, 2012 Co-Creation


Every relationship is co-created. No relationship can flourish with out shared mutuality, connection or reciprocity. We will take a look at effective communication tools and ways to creatively problem solve conflict; and practice how to appreciate and see differences in relationships as an opportunity rather than a problem.


For information or to sign up, call Angeles Arrien’s office at 415-331-5050. Hope you can join us.


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