The Synergy of Personal and Collective Work

Lately, I have been hearing talk from people who should know better about the lack of necessity of personal development work.


These pundits claim that enabling neighborhoods and communities is the answer to our social problems.


I think community development is a half-answer at best.


Personal excellence, that comes from a commitment to grow, learn and improve, is a critical component of community development. It is a place where individual efforts have a collective impact.


Consider for a moment the plight of an Olympic relay squad where one member decides not to train.


Only three quarters of the race would be run by those who have prepared well and trained hard for the event.


The fourth member, confident that the performance of the others will carry the day, is easily left behind by the field.


You can imagine the reception that runner will recieve at the finish line from angry teammates!


What enables collectives to create breakthrough results is a shared commitment to both personal and collective growth and development.


The synergy that arises from that approach cannot be underestimated.


To those who maintain that personal work is a waste of time, or that it is only important for others, I have only one word: Silencio!.


Your laziness or self-satisfaction is sabotaging that which you profess to help.


© Patrick O’Neill 2012. All rights reserved.

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