The Two Powers of the Intellect

There are two powers of the intellect that Visionmakers respect equally: The Way of Knowing and The Way of Dreaming. Over the next couple of posts, I will examine both in support of empowering your journey of meaning and correcting some misperceptions that are currently operating in the dominant culture about these powers.


In Visionmaking, the chief occupation of the intellect is to provide directional support for the expedition to meaning. If the heart answers the question: "What has meaning in my life?" then the intellect plans the campaign for the journey from where we are today to that destination. In other words, intellect is chiefly concerned with "How?".


Intellect is the faculty of of the mind that imagines, acquires knowledge, reasons, solves problems and assists choice. The intellect actively engages two powers: Cognition and Imagination.


Cognition is concerned with the perception and knowledge of both inner and outer realities. In Visionmaking this is known as The Way of Knowing.


The second power of intellect, Imagination, is concerned with ideas, thoughts and images that help us translate the heart's directions into action. This is called The Way of Dreaming.


These powers work together. One is not superior to the other; they must work together for the pursuit of meaning.


My next post will focus on The Way of Knowing, which is largeley pragamatic and rational. The post following will feature The Way of Dreaming, which is an expedition into the inexplicable realms of mystery.


I hope you will join me.


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