The Visionmaker's Guided Meditation

Here is a guided meditation to ensure that The Four-Chambered Heart is strong, clear, open and full.  It is best to explore these questions daily, but Sunday is a good day for reflection for Visionmakers who are busy pursuing meaning all week long.  

• What is my heart directing me to act upon at this time? Where am I strong-hearted?  Where am I weak-hearted?  How does weak-heartedness impede my journey?  How do I remove or navigate around the obstructions I am facing?


• What am I clear about in my relationships and tasks?  What steps can I take to manifest my heart's desire? Where am I doubting, lacking clarity, uncertain or stuck?  How do I bring greater clarity to bear on my tasks and relationships?


•  Where am I open-hearted to other people, accepting of my experience and receptive to the flow of life's abundance?  Where have I closed and hardened my heart?  How do I resolve, rectify or repair these situations?


•  Where am I fully engaged in my tasks and relationships?  Where am I half-hearted?  Why?  What actions do I need to take to re-engage the full heart?


The Visionmaker's Guided Meditation brings improved results with practice. Learning to still the mind through patience and practice, the Visionmaker becomes attentive to the quiet voice of the heart and disciplined in following it's guidance.


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