We are fast approaching the end of 2010 and the beginning of a New Year. Year-end is a very good time to think about transitions.


The latin word, transitio means to "go across." This is a process that every human being is actively engaged in, whether we recognize it or not.


My friend and mentor, Angeles Arrien, identifies the five transitions we encounter during our lives:


• work


• relationship


• health


• finances


• identity


If we are in more than one transition at a time, we are in a metamorphasis. Metamorphasis is a transformation from one state to something completely different or new.


It's important to recognize when we are in transition and metamorphosis because lack of recognition can lead to misdiagnosis. We might believe ourselves to be in some form of trauma or breakdown rather than a death/rebirth experience.


I know what your thinking. Just shoot me...


Rather than seeing transition as a threat, Visionmakers view it as the arrival of the perfect conditions to grow.

If you think of it in this way, the opportunity to relax into metamorphosis and trust the process usually delivers superior results than agonizing and thrashing about, the signals of heightened fear.


Over the next few posts, I will explore the theme of transition in more depth. It is a time when heightened vision is required to make wise choices that support the journey to the preferred future rather than repeating the past.


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