A Hundred Chances, 100 Short Meditations on Opportunity, Risk and Probability by Patrick O’Neill, encourages the reader to embrace the future as an opportunity rather than as a threat. This is the attitude of the leader and the visionary – to meet the future with courage, optimism and creativity. These three qualities alone can be the difference between success and defeat. 10% of all book sale proceeds are being donated to War Child. Click here to learn more about War Child.

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The Entrepreneur's Journey

There's a fool inside every entrepreneur. Only a fool would willingly leave the security of full-time employment for the vagaries of the entrepreneurial life. Only a fool would risk everything on an idea, hunch, or premonition. Who but a fool would allow him...

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Continuous Learning

A great way to find extraordinary is to practice continuous learning. A selection of Patrick’s cd’s and books are currently available to help you advance your leadership knowledge and skills and assist you in taking your next step towards your vision. Choose from a variety of topics, including leadership skills, effective collaboration, and responsible mentoring. New products are being added regularly.


The Four Directions
(The North)  

The North (Winter) is devoted to the practice of leadership and the wise use of power. The powers of presence, action and communication are the foundations of leadership. We will explore the principles and applications of personal leadership and group leadership. The practices of the North help us show up, make positive contributions to our families and communities and avoid the abuses of power that plague our times.

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Carney's Warning
to the Markets

Capitalism Eating Its Children
by Roger Cohen

LONDON — Guildhall at the heart of the City can be a lulling sort of place after a long day. The statuary and vaulted timber ceiling of the medieval great hall lead the eye to wander and the mind to muse on Britain’s strangest quirk — its centuries of continuity. Grace is said, claret is served, glasses clink and dreaminess sets in...

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