Are You A Control Freak?

Working for a Control Freak is no fun. Being one is even worse.


Everyone wants to have the experience of being treated with respect at work. For most of us, feeling respected is being trusted to do our job.


That’s especially true when we have demonstrated competence and sound judgment over time. It’s demoralizing, then, when our work comes under suspicion, scrutiny and interference by authority figures.


Are you:


• Addicted to perfection?


• Highly judgmental and critical?


• Always afraid of something going wrong?


• Can’t trust others to do a good job?


• A micromanager?


• Worrying constantly?


• Obsessed over the minutest detail?


• Interrogating subordinates looking for faults and mistakes?


• Always expecting Catastrophe to strike?


If that’s you, you have and are a problem. Your stress levels are making your life, and the lives of those around you, miserable.


Discovering the source of your anxieties is a good first step in overcoming them. Subconscious fears and insecurities can cause controlling behavior.


Low self esteem, failure in the past, being the target of blame, and fears associated with vulnerability can also contribute to controlling behavior.


Overcoming fear is a remedy. Working with therapist and coach can aid in recovering self-trust and rebuild and strengthen relationships with others.


Time to resign as the Master of the Universe. It doesn’t need your guidance, works better without you on its case, and needs a break from constant interference.


And you deserve some rest.


Posted on March 5, 2014 .