Chance 3

• The present and the future live side by side in this moment.  We have been taught to see them as contiguous.  They are in fact concurrent. Chance is the spark that occurs when the present and the future touch.


• Chance confronts us every day. This confrontation reveals three things: the work that we have done to fund our generative powers, the work that we have not done, and the work we need to do.


• Chance comes when your back is against the wall, when you have nothing to lose. Chance comes when you place yourself on the line, when you take a stand for something that matters. Chance comes when you have immersed yourself so deeply in something that you forget you are you. Chance was always there anyway.  It just takes full commitment to catch a glimpse of the obvious.


• Our certainties limit Chance.  Chance cannot penetrate a closed mind.  Perhaps it is the only place it cannot go.  Open your mind and improve your Chances.


• The eyes and ears are the receptors of Chance. Chance is empirical. It likes to be seen and heard. 


• Anticipation is required to capitalize on Chance. What is anticipation? It is the partnership of optimism and readiness.


• Synchronicity is Chance’s calling card. When events converge in remarkable ways, we know that Chance is trying to get our attention. But why, we ask?  What is the mystery that is unfolding in front of our eyes? The only way to find out is to follow the clues. 


• Second Chances come to us through positive changes that resulted from first Chances. That’s called continuous improvement.


• Living is an experiment. It’s full of opportunities and challenges. Outcomes are derived from our attitude during the experiment. If we are open, positive and excited to be alive, Chances are that our outcomes will support our outlook. If we are closed, negative and resentful about living, Chances are that our outcomes will support our outlook. The good news is we get to choose.


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