Chance 2

Visionmakers see Chance as a rip in the fabric of the status quo that opens for the future to emerge. A futurist is one who knows how to rip open the status quo and enter the future.  

There is an inherent misunderstanding of Chance and how it forms.  Most people think it's random, unpredictable, and has no source. They don't see Chance as an effect with a cause. That is where their vision fails. Chance is caused by its pursuit.


Most people think Chance is about luck. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Chance is the opportunity to act and comes to those who are fully engaged in the pursuit of their dreams.  It requires tenacity, hard work and courage to generate the right conditions for opportunity to manifest.


In order to pursue Chance, we must be fully committed. We can't hesitate, second guess or dither.  We must be confident that every one of our resources are engaged with nothing held in reserve. Holding back simply makes us too heavy, too slow to gain the speed and fluidity required to pluck Chance from the fingers of Destiny.


The dominant culture further confuses our understanding of Chance by how it teaches us to speak about Chance. We are encouraged to "take a Chance." Visionmakers see this as a profound misunderstanding of the mechanics of Chance and their responsibilities in the matter. A Visionmaker says "make a Chance," and while the verb change might seem minor, therein lies a secret of manifestation.


Chance is not an entitlement. It is the reward of full engagement. The more engaged we are, the more Chances are generated.  Look at it from the standpoint of sports. A team that sits back and lets the play come to them rarely generates enough Chances to win. A team that is in high pursuit of opportunity, gives everything and never quits is usually more fruitful with respect to Chances generated.


Visionmakers study how Chances are made. It is the difference between stasis and a breakthrough.


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Posted on May 28, 2009 and filed under Chance.