Gathering Your Power

“Look at these worldsspinning out of nothing that is within your power.” — Rumi


I am delighted to tell you that "The Visionmaker: Gather Your Power" is gathering steam!


I am holding this program December 4th and 5th here in Toronto and it is filling up fast. We still have some room so if this sounds intriquing to you give us a call to find out more.


Here's a description:


Personal power is your unique and individual potency-the combination of knowledge, gifts, skills, character qualities, creativity, experience and energy that each person has been given to make a difference in the world.


Visionmakers steward personal power for the inevitable encounter with their Destiny.


Understand and source your unique powers of manifestation. Many of us can name our flaws in a nanosecond. Can you name your gifts, talents, character qualities and contributions as easily?


In this workshop you will:


• Identify the special experiences that have equipped you for the journey of meaning you have been born to make;


• Recognize your aptitudes, the innate natural abilities you were born with;


• Marshal your resources- your gifts, talents, knowledge and skills that support you in generating your preferred future;


• Understand the character qualities that support you to act in ethical and humane ways;


• Acknowledge the important contributions made by four challenges that shape every journey-failure, conflict, loss, and success.


Understand how personal power supports your personal Destiny. We will employ a variety of traditional and modern techniques, including visualization, journeying, reflective practice, journaling and dialogue.


Gathering Your Power is foundational to every journey of heart and meaning. Please join us for this powerful experience.


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