The Inventory of Personal Power

Here's a way that you can ready yourself for the "experiential expedition" that each day presents to us as Visionmakers.


Visionmakers gather their personal power! Personal power includes:


• “Knowledge Earned”


• “Gifts and Talents Contributed”


• “Character Qualities Demonstrated”


• “Challenges Met”


Each of us has a singular combination of these four attributes. When we are conscious of our power attributes, we are are ready to meet the opportunities and challenges of living.


Can you name at least ten important lessons learned? Ten Gifts, Talents or Skills? Ten Character Qualities? Ten Challenges that have been met well?


If we struggle to identify the contents of personal power, we may also struggle to gather it when called upon to meet life's initiatory conditions: challenges, changes, conflict, chaos or confusions. When we do not meet these circumstances well, we can can be harshly self-critical.


Why not prepare well. Do the work of acquainting yourself with the invetory of personal power that is yours ...and only yours.


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